REVA's ArStreet platform has won the love of many investors since its launch in North America and mainland China, and has also won the participation of millions of members around the world. At the same time, it also provides a better way of circulation for NFT and promotes the development of the entire WEB3.0 industry. With the opening of secondary markets for NFT digital collections in various regions, The NFT track will also usher in a blowout, the rise of the NFT market, and REVA will continue to uphold its original aspiration to better serve all investors and customers.

Now the board of directors of REVA has voted unanimously to decide that ArStreet will be renamed R-meta and officially open to registration in all countries and regions around the world. At the same time, in order to cooperate with various countries, regions and policies, REVA will establish REVA directly affiliated enterprises in the region to take full charge of the operation and management of R-meta in the region.

Users and teams originally registered on ArStreet platform will be transferred to R-meta. Users can log in with their previous account and password. Meanwhile, ArStreet's team and hierarchical relationship will also be retained.

In order to better and firmly occupy the NFT market position, the REVA team will make appropriate adjustments to the R-meta team revenue and the NFT digital collection pledge auction custody rate. At the same time, the British Grand Duke International auction house authorized REVA to combine traditional cultural products of various countries with NFT digital collections on the REVA online platform.

R-meta will open more new functions such as card check-in, blind box, NFT digital collection pledge loan and so on. For details, please consult the customer service of your platform. The final interpretation of this announcement is reserved by REVA.