NFT mortgage
The Reva platform of UK EARL INTERNATIONAL can accept the entrustment of customers to carry out NFT pledge auction business .Investors are responsible for participating in the pledge and auction transactions of NFT collections through crowdfunding to obtain loan interest and auction share income.
Auction collection
Reva has invested heavily in building a team of digital art appreciation experts, blockchain
technologists, NFT technologists, and financial analysts. Meanwhile, the company's
board of directors and core operating team incorporated a team of world class financiers including Viking
UK EARL INTERNATIONAL AUCTION LTD's senior auctioneers and artists. The team now numbers over 800 people.
to provide professional, quality service to Reva's digital art collection and auction business.
Secure auction transaction guarantee.
Earnings Overall Float Ratio
and REVA, together with Bain and vklong, established the NFT Collection Fund, a financial operation through which the collection of high-end digital artworks generates high profits with an overall float rate of 142.7%
Buyer commission system is specifically adjusted to:
25% buyer's commission on lots with a hammer price of up to and including £100,000.
20% buyer's commission for lots with a hammer price of £100,000 or more and up to and including £2,000,000.
12% buyer's commission for lots above £2,000,000.